Ryo has his real eyes in the picture because he will get them from his mother in the clanwar. c: [ Story Time 8D ] After Ryo, Minako and the other Monsters destroyed almost every part of Yume-Gakure, Ryo had to fight with the last enemy, Toshi, to kill the Leader (Ryuu, Toshis father) of the village. Toshi actually was on Ryos side so at first he didn't understand why Toshi was on the side of her father now. Ryo needed some time to realize that Toshi was brainwashed. It was a very long fight and in the end Ryo won the fight against her. Every enemy was now defeated, expect for the Leader, so he went to Ryuu to defeat him [picture]. Who will win? °___° xD ( I know this is a little bit confusing with the Ryo and Ryuu thing xDD )