[I'll do the collabs and stuff now. Sorry I'm so slow at this ;;] Anyway, this is Chinatsu Kuraiko. Leader of Yami-Gakure. (Yeah, I change the name of Yume-Gakure into Yami-Gakure because the meaning fits more to the village.) There's no kage in Yami-Gakure. Only a few Elite Ninjas. Chinatsu is the strongest female Kuraiko. She's very good at Genjutsus and sword-fighting, but she doesn't fight often. She has got 3 children: Takuya Kuraiko, Arisu Kuraiko and Ryoko Kuraiko (Ryoko was made by a friend.) Maybe I'll edit them too someday c: . I found the unfinished pic and I just had t finish it ;-; Oh, and this clothes aren't her fighting clothes.